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REQUITED’s journey so far…


Directed, written and produced by Nerissa Picadizo, “REQUITED” is one of the main-competition finalists (full length category) at the elite and prestigious 2017 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.

Starring Jake Cuenca and Anna Luna, “REQUITED” is about a disease-stricken biker who wants to conquer a treacherous terrain on one final adventure that pitted him against nature and the woman he desires. The film’s main location was set in the majestic Mt. Pinatubo Lake.




Full Synopsis:

Matt (Jake Cuenca) is driven by one ultimate goal: to bike all the way from Manila to Mt. Pinatubo Lake to defy his ill-fated life. His body is ravaged by Parkinson’s disease and a faltering faith; but his resilience to live and end life on his own terms carries him through. He encounters a road block in Sandy (Anna Luna) who ironically is the person he’s running away from and “the one” he wants to be with most.

In their biking trip, Matt and Sandy’s different personalities collide with each other in spite of their unlikely endearing qualities together. Verbal battles constantly arise that spills out the nature of their complicated relationship. From facebook status quarrels, unanswered phone call arguments, their past conflicts, Sandy’s self-absorption as a star-volleyball player, Matt’s annoyance of Sandy’s striking tiger print helmet and all their repressed feelings resurfaces in their journey. Biking through the tough terrains and lahar-filled lands of Mt. Pinatubo they experience many challenges on the road. As Sandy gets tangled in Matt’s anger and desperation, she becomes an unwitting sacrifice for his redemption.




REQUITED’s trailers




REQUITED’s Gala Night

at the 2017 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival held last August 8, 2017 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.


Director Nerissa Picadizo giving the Opening Speech at REQUITED’s Gala Night


Actors Jake Cuenca and Anna Luna with director/writer/producer Nerissa Picadizo


The Cast and Crew of REQUITED onstage at the Cultural Center of the Philippines




Behind the scenes at REQUITED’s Gala Night



Behind the scenes at REQUITED’s Gala Night





Behind the Scenes

of REQUITED’s Production Shoot


Director Nerissa Picadizo giving instructions to actor Jake Cuenca


REQUITED’s major location at the Mt. Pinatubo Lake


Jake Cuenca, Director Nerissa Picadizo, Anna Luna, Richard Quan











Director Nerissa Picadizo giving instructions to cast and crew



Cast and Crew of REQUITED at Mt. Pinatubo


Director Nerissa Picadizo



REQUITED behind the scenes video



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“Matt and Sandy” of REQUITED


We are very pleased to announce that our official lead actors for REQUITED are Jake Cuenca and Anna J. Luna.

Both actors has already earned their stripes in terms of acting accolades. Jake Cuenca won Best Actor at the 2014 International Film Festival Manhattan and the 2016 World Cinema Festival Brazil for the film “Mulat”. He also received the 2015 “Ani Ng Dangal” awards and the 2014 “Inquirer Indie Bravo” awards for the said film.  He won Best Supporting Actor award at the 2012 PMPC Star Award for Movies for “In the Name of Love”.

While Anna J. Luna won Best Supporting Actress at the 2016 TOFarm Film Festival for “Paglipay” and Best Supporting Actress at the 2013 Cinema One Originals Film Festival for the film “Bendor”. Anna was also proclaimed as Actress of The Year 2015 by

The below photos  were taken from the first table reading of the two leading actors of REQUITED film.




Anna J. Luna and Jake Cuenca as “Sandy and Matt” of REQUITED film




Actress Anna J. Luna, director/writer Nerissa Picadizo and actor Jake Cuenca




Table reading with “Matt and Sandy” of REQUITED




The “Sandy and Matt” of REQUITED





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REQUITED at 2nd Philippine Bicycle Demo Day 2016


The cast and crew of REQUITED were invited at the 2nd Philippine Bicycle Demo Day last December 11, 2016 at the Pacific Rim Avenue, Filinvest, Alabang to promote the film and to support the event.


Philippine Bicycle Demo Day is “a bicycle fiesta wherein more than 150 bicycles are displayed and most can be ridden around road tracks and dirt trails.” It’s a family bike-event as well as there are events for both the kids and adults. One of the aim of the event is to help riders and bike enthusiasts to become better buyers.


The team of REQUITED would like to extend their gratitude to Arnel Marcelo Andal (Director-Organizer of the Philippine Bicycle Demo), Nikka Ramos (marketing manager) and everyone behind the Philippine Bicycle Demo Day. Thank you!




Actor Rommel Luna, director/producer Nerissa Picadizo and lead actress Anna J. Luna being presented on stage during the Bike Demo Day event




Director/producer Nerissa Picadizo gave a few words about REQUITED







Lead actress Anna J. Luna and director/writer Nerissa Picadizo tested some bikes during the event




The REQUITED team being interviewed by Pinoy Xtreme Channel







Director/writer/producer Nerissa Picadizo




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